Increase Space Perception With These LED Lighting “Tricks”

Even if you don’t live in a small space, improper lighting can make it feel that way. If you have a small space, the right lighting can make it feel much larger. In this piece, we’re going to look at a few LED lighting options to make smaller space feel larger and already large places live up to their potential.

Consider Using LED Track Lighting For Lower Ceilings

Not just for art galleries and museums anymore, LED track lighting is a great way to add a sophisticated feel to any space. Because track lighting is frequently used in places with very high ceilings, using it in a smaller space can make it feel expansive. Beyond just the association with high ceilings, track lighting also takes the emphasis off of the ceiling and puts it on whatever object it is directed towards. If you have some artwork or photography you’d like to highlight or even a colorful wall, LED track lighting can greatly increase the feel of the space.

Deepen Your Ceilings With Recessed LED Lighting

What happens when you can’t really afford to sacrifice any additional headspace? Build up! Well, in. Recessed LED lighting allows you to increase the depth of your ceilings by literally placing a LED inside of it rather than on the outside of it. This provides the aesthetic of additional space because it is a literally saving space in comparison to a hanging or mounted light fixture. Not only does this increase the headspace of a smaller room or hallway, but it provides cleaner ceiling lines that appeal to the eye more than clunky fixtures.

Bring Lower Lights Up

Wall-mounted light fixtures can be extremely convenient, but they can also limit ceiling visibility — more specifically, where a ceiling ends. If you have a tall ceiling, accenting it can increase how large a space feels. When you mount lights above, you bring the eye upward, thus letting the height of a space shine...literally.

If you’re still struggling on how to make your small place feel larger or your large place feel up to its size, consult the LED lighting professionals at Lighting Inc. in Tulsa, OK.