With more than 50 combined years of lighting knowledge, our staff can help you solve many of the challenges you are facing today:

Energy Audits / Retrofit Analysis

A Lighting Inc. consultant will come to your office and provide a detailed analysis comparing your current lighting systems to available new technology, including a complete payback analysis.

T-12 Magnetic to T-8 Electronic
Incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent

Incandescent exit sign bulbs to LED retrofits or new exit signs
Answering Lighting Challenges

Flickering lights - Noisy lights
Too much Light - Not enough Light
Too much glare - Bulbs not lasting

How many fixtures do I need to achieve my desired result?

Sports lighting, Retail, Security, Landscape
Referral Services

Whether it’s changing lamps and ballasts in your retail shop or having someone come out and change your parking lot lights, Lighting Inc can help you choose the right company for the job, just ask.

Special Orders

With more than 7,500 lamps in stock we probably have what you need but if we don’t, we will be happy to order it from one of our many suppliers.

Lamp Recycling

Our Lamp Recycling Kits are a unique concept which satisfies all of the Universal Waste regulations and offers customers the ability to properly dispose of and recycle materials at a nominal fee. We can help you to eliminate long term environmental liability and we offer “Cradle-to-grave” documentation of proper disposal of mercury from waste fluorescent lamps!