The Benefits of Outdoor Residential LED Lighting

If you haven’t been largely exposed to commercial or residential LED lighting, your experience has probably been that of cheap giveaway flashlights and camping headlamps. While these harsh nights can help you find your keys in the bottom of your purse or the zipper on your tent flap, they’re hardly a good representation of just how multifaceted LED lighting can be when applied to the exterior of your home.

Replacing Existing Outdoor Lighting

If you already have outdoor lighting that you’re fairly happy with in terms of light quality, you’ll have a great starting point for when it comes to retrofitting LEDs into the existing space. When speaking with an LED lighting professional, come equipped with the details of your existing non-LED lighting system styles and bulb wattages. These numbers can be easily converted to provide great insights for your exterior LED lighting.

Benefits of Using LEDs Outdoors


If you’re hesitant about using LEDs outdoors because you feel they won’t be bright enough, know that LEDs can be calibrated to not only meet most brightness preferences, but also color temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor lights, whether they remain turned on all night or they selectively come on at certain periods, need to be efficient. Outdoor LEDs greatly outlast their compact fluorescent and incandescent lights while using considerably less energy. This increased lifespan, as well as energy efficiency, means a lower-maintenance light that will save you money in the long run.

No Heat, No Problem

One of the concerns with outdoor lighting is the risk of fire. Compact fluorescent lighting, as well as incandescent bulbs, put off a tremendous amount of heat when left running for extended periods of time. Not only is this heat dangerous to people and animals to the touch, but this increases the risk of fire when acted upon by weather or other outside forces. LEDs, however, put off almost no heat, making them a much safer alternative.

If you’re still on the fence about using LED lights for the exterior of your home, speak to an LED lighting professional from Lighting Inc. in Tulsa, OK.