A Quick Guide To LED Lighting For Nurseries

So, you have a little one in your home. Congratulations! You probably already know that infants and toddlers have very specific needs not always similar to older children and adults. Some of those specific needs are certain lighting conditions. In this piece, we’re going to look at LED light tips for your child’s nursery or bedroom.

Use Dampened Ceiling Lights

Babies are very sensitive to lights one way or another. Too much light and this will irritate a baby. Too little light and they can become frightened. Your starting point for lighting a baby’s room is with dampened ceiling lights. Different LED lighting fixtures with shades or covers can help to distribute brighter lights to make the light more palatable.

Balance The Light With Lower Light Sources

There are times when light from the ceiling may be a bit much, but some light in the room is still needed. For these times, using tiered lighting in the form of lamps and or wall-mounted LED light fixtures can work great. Find fixtures that can be manually turned on and off one by one so you can customize just the right amount of light in a child’s room at any given time.

Use a Dimmer

One of the myths of LED lights is that they are not dimmable. While it is true that there are certain LEDs that are not dimmable, there are many varieties that are completely customizable via a dimmer switch. When installing LED lighting in your baby’s room, consider opting for a dimmable system to allow you to perfect the lighting situation for just the right mood.

Keep Night Lights In Mind

A regular lamp or mounted LED light fixture may put off too much light for your little one in the middle of night — no matter how dim. For this reason, look into various night-light options. There are many LED night lights that can detect darkness and turn on automatically. Others are manually controlled. Some night light systems can provide a gentle flickering movement while still others and simulate the look of stars in the sky. There are many LED night light options to choose from.

For additional help establishing a comfortable place for your baby in your home, consult the LED lighting experts at Lighting, Inc.