Utility Rebate Programs

Utilities are currently paying financial incentives to help offset the cost of upgrades. Lighting Inc. has done more than 200 projects and obtained over $2 million in incentives.

Why do utility companies offer rebates?

Utilities set annual energy savings goals.  In order to meet these goals, the utility companies offer these rebates to commercial customers as an energy-saving alternative to expensive expansions of power plant capacity. On average, it is more economical than building a new power plant.

Which utilities offer rebates?

For PSO customers Lighting Inc. assists with:

For more information about PSO programs go to:  www.powerforwardwithPSO.com

For OG&E commercial customers Lighting Inc. also assists with:

For more information about OG&E programs go to:  www.oge.com/business

Why do rebates matter?

Rebates help lower the initial cost of your LED lighting project.  These rebates reduce the return on investment period.  Additionally, the environment benefits from utilizing energy efficient lighting.

What Lighting Inc. will do.

A Lighting Inc. expert will come to your office & provide a detailed analysis.  We will compare your current lighting system to available new technologies, including a complete payback analysis.  A current FREE analysis will determine how much savings you can anticipate from a lighting upgrade. 

From help filing the paperwork to scheduling the inspections, we'll help you find and secure utility rebates.  Lighting Inc. is eager to help you identify rebate opportunities for your next project.

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