5 Tips to Consider When Installing Surveillance Cameras

1. Location, Location, Location

According to the Bureau of Justice burglars enter through the front door, back door and first-floor windows making these points of entry prime locations for camera installations.

2. Out of reach/sight

Mount the camera in a place where it is difficult to reach, usually at least 9 or 10 feet off the ground. Outsmart thieves by using decoy/fake cameras. With the real camera hidden out of sight criminals may waste time and effort destroying the decoy/fake camera, leaving the real camera recording.

3. Image Quality

The Nest cam family has 1080p, 3 hour snapshot memory, live video, night vision and is designed with an all glass lens and premium materials.  These features ensure a much sharper and more reliable image, which can really come in handy should the video evidence need to be reviewed by police.

4. Field of Vision

Consider the camera's field of vision when you decide where it will be placed. Cameras with a range of 45 to 75-degree field of vision are best for getting details, such as a good view of the faces of intuders. Wide-angle cameras cover a wider area so these cameras should be positioned to monitor more open places like porches, foyers, and yards.

5. Lighting

Lighting levels must be high enough for the camera to produce a useable image. The position of lighting in relation to the camera field of view is also important. As much as possible, light sources must be kept out of the camera’s field of view. And finally reducing glare is paramount to capturing the image.