6 Tips for Exterior Lighting

1. Avoid matching fixtures based on Watts and Lumens only

These two fixtures are the same watts and the same lumens, but our fixture emits double the light on the ground.

2. Care about glare

Not only is glare wasted light going up into the sky, but it bothers the driver’s eyes when they’re trying to navigate your parking lot. Our fixtures have the LED chips recessed to put all the light on the ground and not bother your eyes while driving.

3. Clearly Denote Entrances/Exits

Devote special attention to doorways, lighting them more brightly. Customers feel more comfortable approaching a well lit business.

4. Flip the Switch & Save

Change your fixtures and lamps to LED. Continually changing lamps is not only time consuming, but expensive! Additionally, making the switch to LED could save you up 70% on your utility bill.

5. Assess light coverage

Get a free lighting layout to check brightness levels before you purchase any fixtures.

6. Use High Quality Products

High quality LED products last longer, are more durable, often have longer warranty options, and offer better light quality than lower cost lighting brands.

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