3 Simple Lighting Tips for your Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many.  Once you have chosen your new "office space", the kitchen island, dining room table, living room or bedroom, use these simple tips to make your space comfortable and productive.

Install Decorative LED Fixture

Install a permanent fixture on a dimmer switch, such as a pendant hung directly over the desk.

Add Task Lighting

Use dedicated light sources such as desk lamps when focusing on a specific task, like paperwork and filing. If you are left handed place the lamp on the right and vice versa to avoid casting shadows onto your work from your hand and arm.

Use Ambient Light Sources

It's best to choose an area with an ambient light source. Natural light diffuses throughout the space reducing glare that can reflect on the computer monitor and your desk surface. If the room has natural light streaming from windows, place your desk perpendicular to the window.  Don’t set your computer monitor in front of the window; the bright background light shining behind the monitor screen causes eye strain.

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