LED Light Fixtures VS Conventional Fixtures

Unless your house was built in the past 5-10 years, it was probably constructed using light fixtures meant for incandescent or compact fluorescent lightbulbs. If you wanted to switch to LED lighting, you would need to use LED bulbs in your existing fixtures. But how can you maximize the efficiency associated with an LED lighting system? In this piece, we’re going to discuss the perks of installing new LED light fixtures versus just using conventional fixtures with LED bulbs.

Using Conventional Fixtures with LED Bulbs


  • Converting is as easy as switching to LED bulbs.
  • LED bulbs last longer than their incandescent or compact fluorescent predecessors
  • LED bulbs put off very little heat
  • LED bulbs are vastly more efficient than traditional bulbs
  • LED bulbs in traditional fixtures are easy to switch out as LED technology advances


  • Not as much control over the output wattages
  • Issues with dimming
  • Slightly less efficient than LED-only fixtures

Using LED-only Fixtures


  • Maximum control over lighting brightness and color
  • Longer lifespan over their conventional fixture versions
  • Decreased wattage per fixture
  • Increased efficiency


  • More expensive upfront installation
  • Upgrading later would be a little more involved
  • LED-only lamps cost more upfront than LED bulbs that go in conventional fixtures

Still trying to deciding on retrofitting a space with LED light fixtures versus simply using LED bulbs? Let us help you weigh the cost.

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